Asparagus Fern – Asparagus Aethiopicus

Asparagus Fern – Plant Care Guide

Asparagus Fern, Asparagus Aethiopicus – “Emerald Feather Fern”

Asparagus fern also known as  emerald fern, emerald feather, and lace fern is an evergreen perennial plant with long, trailing branches covered with tiny thin leaves which gives it a bushy and feathery appearance. Some of the plants can have small flowers or berries. The most common variety is Asparagus sprengeri. Other varieties of asparagus ferns include ming fern and the more-groomed foxtail fern or Plumosa fern, an aggressive climber.

Although Asparagus ferns are a pleasure to be seen growing indoors in hanging planters and are commonly used as houseplants, some species are considered an invasive weed in some places. And the term “fern” is a misnomer: Unlike true ferns, which spread by spores, the asparagus fern spreads by seed or bulbs. Since Asparagus Ferns are a part of lily family, they use their engorged roots to create bulblets for spreading throughout an area.

Some species of Asparagus Ferns have medicinal properties and they’ve been found to be used as diuretic, antiepileptic, applied topically in skin diseases, treat urination, gynaecology and andrology problems, orally for dysentery and diarrhea treatment and treat pulmonary infections. Also the cuts sprays of the asparagus fern are ornamental favorites among florists for its beauty and lasting quality.

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