Cleisostoma paniculatum – Orchid – growing in the wild

Cleisostoma paniculatum – Orchid plant – growing in the wild

Cleisostoma paniculatum – Orchid

Found this beautiful bunch of Cleisostoma paniculatum Orchids happily growing on the Mango tree bark, spotted while taking a walk at the FRI Dehradun’s amazingly huge and green campus, sometime during January 2020.

I took some samples of these and tried growing them on LECA clay pebbles media. But that was a failed attempt. Most probably due to the weather conditions in Delhi. Can’t wait to step-out again and go somewhere in the hills to collect more of these wild plants, ferns and moss specimens.

Cleisostoma is a genus of orchids with around 60+ species, distributed through much of the Indian Subcontinent, Southeast Asia and China. Commonly known as Panicled Closed-Mouth Orchid they are small-sized orchids, which can be seen in the wild orchid growing on tree bark or rocks. These can be seen growing in the forests at elevations of 200 to 1300 meters as a small-sized, hot to cool growing epiphyte (growing on another plant, mostly tree trunks) or lithophyte (growing on the rock surface).

These orchids are called closed-mouth because of the inflated lip which is covered with callus tissue. They have a stiff, upright woody stem with flattened, leathery strap-like, and deeply grooved leaves folded along the center. Tiny Flowers open widely with yellowish-green petal which is around 2-3 cm in size appearing in a bunch of 20-30 flowers in one stock.
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