Kalanchoe tubliflora – Bryophyllum delagoense – Chandelier plant

Kalanchoe tubliflora  – Bryophyllum delagoense – Chandelier plant

Kalanchoe tubliflora  – Bryophyllum delagoense – Chandelier plant

Found this beautiful specimen of kalanchoe growing unnoticed in the corner at our farmhouse.

Kalanchoe delagoensis known by many other names such as Kalanchoe tubliflora, Kalanchoe verticillata, Bryophyllum tubiflorum, Bryophyllum verticillatum, Bryophyllum Delagoensis, devil’s backbone, among other names.

These are rapidly growing succulent plants that get multiplied effortlessly wherever it lands, giving them their rightful name ‘Mother of Millions’. The name also comes from the distinctive appearance of the leaves with their ‘Teeth” and tiny plantlets along the edges that shed in millions.

Belonging to the genus Bryophyllum and family Crassulaceae. They are native to Madagascar and similar to the other members of its genus, they are able to propagate vegetatively from plantlets that develop on the phylloclade margins. Kalanchoe tubiflora produces several buds at the leaf ends. From each of those leaf buds, tiny rootlets start growing and then fall off the mother at the slightest disturbance. Thus they’re one of the easiest plant genera to propagate.

Kalanchoe daigremontiana is known to have wider leaves than Kalanchoe tubiflora. They are sometimes called Chandelier plant as the growing tip looks like an upside-down chandelier.

I Hope all of you are doing good and safe at home. Stay tuned for many more plant related posts and care instructions.

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