Zebra Haworthia – Fairy Washboard

Zebra Haworthia – Fairy Washboard – plant care guide

Zebra Haworthia – Fairy Washboard

Haworthia is a charming succulent plant with small rosettes of leaves varying from 3-30 cm depending on the species. The name “Limifolia” meaning a coarse file, called due to the dark brownish-green fleshy leaves, with ridges of raised, horny, tubercles, and covered with white, pearly bands which resembles a coarse file and also gives them a distinctive appearance. The flowers are tiny, generally white and their leaves show wide variations even within the same species. There are disputes amongst the experts as to what defines a species in Haworthia, and it is found that there are at 50+ named species and 130+ named varieties. Native to South Africa these were initially cultivated in the early 1900s.

Haworthia is considered to be an easy houseplant to grow both indoors and also outside. They can be grown as little decorative plants in quirky containers such as teacups and miniature figurine planters. Like other succulents, the worst situation for them is too much water as their root and stem should never be allowed to sit in water under any circumstances.

Bright-indirect sunlight and dry-warm climates work best for Haworthia. It’s also important to keep them on a window sill that allows the plant to get lots of light throughout the day if kept indoors. The depending on the conditions the leaves show different characteristics. If its too bright, the leaves turn white or yellow, and they turn to faded green color when light is less. And If left un-watered for longer durations, in some varieties the colour changes to pink and purples.

Use a succulent-cactus mix with more perlite and aquarium gravel for better drainage but avoid using sand. Watering should be done evenly during summer, and it’s important to let the soil completely dry out between waterings. Haworthia is often described as a miniature aloe plant. And they are safe to keep with pets indoors as they’re non-toxic to cats or dogs. 

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