Fire Mama – Fire Red Shrimp Female

Fire Mama – Fire Red Shrimp

From an old densely planted aquarium setup. 

Neocaridina heteropoda vSakura commonly known as Fire Red Shrimp or Red Sakura is not a naturally occurring, rather a product of selective breeding some original varieties of Red Cherry Shrimps, which are bred from the wild freshwater shrimp Neocaridina Heteropoda, a native to Asia which doesn’t have any red coloring. 

The fire red shrimp also known by other names such as Taiwan fire red, painted fire red, and Sakura shrimp, which has been described by others as the predecessor to the fire red. The different names helps to distinguish the amount of red cover on each successive selectively bred generation of shrimp. 

Fire red shrimps are not exactly as easy to keep as compared to the red cherry shrimp (which are found to be extremely easy even for a beginner). This is majorly due to the restricted gene pool which magnifies genetic flaws in the organisms due to selective breeding. Similar to other Shrimp varieties, they are sensitive to heavy metals, especially copper. Any product which is used to kill snails will most likely kill them, thus its important to read the label of any product and if there are any heavy metals listed, they should be avoided.

A regular water change of 25-30 % every 2-4 weeks, is recommended depending on aquarium bioload, and also make sure to use dechlorinator to neutralize chlorine or chloramines before adding new water to the tank. A tank in which more number of fishes are kept along with shrimps, the tank may require more frequent water changes. Fire reds can survive under a wide range of temperatures and parameters, as long as the changes happen slowly. If given proper care, Fire Red Shrimps live for 1-2 years and reproduce regularly. If the water is maintained clean they start breeding once they reach maturity. The females will begin to develop eggs in their ovaries, which are sometimes visible through their body shell.
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