Curtain Fig – Chinese Banyan – Laurel Fig – (Ficus Microcarpa)

Curtain Fig – Chinese Banyan – Laurel Fig – (Ficus Microcarpa)

Water propagation going strong, 1.5 year progress comparison.

I remember putting this one for water propagation during the beginning of the year 2019, which started just as an experiment to see if water propagation will work for this specific species of plant. And I was surprised to see that the plant kept doing good and is still looking great even after 1.5 years. 

The leaves have always been green and healthy and there has been a crazy root growth since the beginning. Even though there’s not much of a visible increase in plant size, there have been no problems with the leaves or the stems rotting. One of the reasons for slow plant growth could be due to zero use of any additional fertilizers or nutrients.  

The baby plant cutting has been sitting in just plain Delhi-Tap-Water refilled or changed every 10-15 days and roots cleaned thoroughly under running water around once every two months. Kept on a bathroom window-sill which gets a good amount of filtered sunlight throughout the day and the leaves are o occasionally washed to remove dust particles from the surface.

Curtain figs are plants of genus Ficus and are often used as shrubs as they tend to grow large. Known by many other names such as Chinese banyan, Indian Laurel, Malayan banyan, Banyan Fig, Taiwan Ficus, curtain fig, etc. 

These are also one of the most recommended species of plants to make an indoor bonsai, thus famous amongst the beginner Bonsai Gardener’s due to its easy maintenance and care. There are more than a dozen varieties of Ficus Microcarpa, which differ in leaf size, leaf thickness, leaf shape, bark color, etc.

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