Areca Palm – Yellow Palm – Butterfly Palm

Areca Palm
Dypsis Lutescens, goes by many other names such as Yellow Palm, Butterfly Palm coz the fronds look like butterflies and Golden Cane due to the golden/yellow colored lower canes. These are widely used palms perfect for bright interiors and relatively easy to care indoor houseplant. Visually they can be easily differentiated from other palms due to its narrow, multiple fronds (leaves) arranged close to one another in neat compact lines along their stem.
Areca Palm thrives in bright lit areas. They can survive in a low light area but the growth will get badly affected, and if kept under direct sunlight the leaves turn yellowish-green and might even get burned. So to keep them happy, dark shaded areas and constant bright sunlight should be avoided, they should be placed next to a window or in an area that receives some sunlight either in the morning or evening and filtered light throughout the day.
Areca Palms are native to the tropics so watering should be done such that the soil is lightly moist and evenly damp for most of the time. Too much water will kill the plant as that may lead to root rot. They can even tolerate an occasional draught thus It’s recommended to always wait for the top surface to dry out before watering again. Areca Palms are sensitive to fluorides and chlorides present in the tap water. They should be kept away from AC and Heater vents and keeping the humidifier or misting regularly helps them thrive as they originally belong to the areas with higher humidity.
Areca palm likes a compact container, and slightly tight bound roots help to limit the plant size. Still, they need repotting every 2-3 years which is needed to replace the old potting soil also to remove fertilizer and salt deposits from the soil.
Ranked as the best houseplant for efficient air-purifying capabilities, and helps in cleaning the chemical toxins from indoor air, Areca Palm has gained the Royal Horticultural Society’s Award of Garden Merit. They are non-toxic to people, cats, or dogs.
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