Mosaic Plant – Ludwigia Sedioides

Rain drop pearls over the Mosaic Water Plant.

Rain drop pearls over the Mosaic Water Plant.

Mosaic Plant – Ludwigia Sedioides – Floating Ludwigia – These are beautiful floating aquatic plants native to Central and South America, where it can be found growing in ponds of stagnant waters as well as in sections of river where the movement of water is very limited. It is a very common pond plant in warm climates or ponds in conservatories and if provided with optimal growing conditions with proper space and lighting, these can thrive in a planted aquarium tank as well.

Mosaic Plant features striking foliage that is very much dependent upon the environment in which it is kept. If provided with tropical temperatures, soft water parameters, and good-quality aquarium growing LED lighting, Mosaic Plant sports bold red leaves with a slightly serrated edge that fans out from its central part towards the tank’s surface in a mosaic pattern radially growing outwards.

Since they grow in pond-like environments in the wild, Ludwiga Sedioides prefers stagnant waters and if kept in an aquarium they should be kept under gentle flow to prevent them from being moved around too much. Also, if grown in a planted aquarium, care should be taken to properly select plants as they will eventually shade other aquatic plants within the tank. Ludwigia Sedioides are known to grow at a quick pace if the right growing conditions are met, thus pruning is recommended.


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